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A Few Things You Should Know Before You Take your iPhone in to Be Repaired

Your iPhone is cleared out amid its fix, so make sure to adjust iPhone with iTunes before you take it in, on the off chance that you can. On the off chance that you can’t and you entered information on the telephone since your on-going sync, similar to a contact or an arrangement, the information won’t be there when you re-establish your iPhone upon its arrival.

1.       Expel any outsider extras, for example, a case or screen defender.

2.       Expel the SIM card from your iPhone (as portrayed in the before segment “Issues with Calling or Networks”) and keep it in a sheltered spot.

Remember this progression. Apple doesn’t ensure that your SIM card will be come back to you after a fix. In the event that you overlook this progression, Apple recommends that you contact your nearby AT&T store and acquire another SIM card with the best possible record data. Ouch.

Just the Apple Store offers an Advance Replacement Service (ARS) for iPhones requiring fixes. The AppleCare Advance Replacement Service costs $29 when your iPhone is under guarantee or secured by the AppleCare assurance plan. This administration gives you another iPhone before you need to send in your old one for administration.
On the off chance that your iPhone isn’t under guarantee or AppleCare for iPhone X repair, you can in any case exploit the Advance Replacement Service – it costs you significantly more, however. Visit Apple Site for current valuing or more data on the ARS administration.